Flirty Tulle Skirts

It seems everyone has already picked up the trend for tulle skirts. You see them in two out of four women in the streets. It is as if there is a secret convention of tulle skirts happening in a place we don’t know unless you also own one of these skirts.

Kidding aside, this fashion trend has really soared high causing all major brands and designers to ensure that they have enough stock of these skirts to satisfy the need of women to have this in their possession. The Resulty app has a lot of these skirts lined up on their website for you to check out here.

Seeing this skirt, I felt like I was having a flashback. You see, my fashion guru back then when I was obsessing on Sex and the City fashion is Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker in real life). She wore this skirt on her show.

tulle skirt

The costume designer of the show, Patricia Fields (check out Wikipedia on their bio on her) has brought out the flirty, fun and sexy side of Carrie with this skirt and made sure that it is noticed.

Initially just seen on a ballet show, this skirt is now a part of every girl’s step to fashion world. I have seen young stars glow in this tulle skirt – just like Anna Kendrick. She was featured in this blog site, Celebrity Styles and her whole outfit is amazing! It’s got that relaxed yet sexy vibe. She wore her mocha colored tulle skirt with a plain razorback top, accessorized it with a clutch and those wedge sandals really gave it more oomph! She looked sexy on her outfit and you can do too.

For starters, you might get intimidated because this skirt is too fluffy. You would think that you can only wear this on semi-formal occasions – you are wrong. As advised by this blog site,, you should treat this skirt just like any normal skirt. You can use different types of tops to it. You can be casual, flirty or formal with this skirt.

The Ruche tulle skirts at Resulty’s website are stunning. They have it in midi, mini and long. They are not too fluffy so if you want start with a tame one, you can have a look at their designs so that you can choose which will suit you.

You will definitely enjoy being flirty with this skirt, I can assure you that! Have fun sashaying the skirt when you can.

Stripes – A Trend You Can’t Miss

Every morning, after waking up the first thing that I would do is to check my phone for new messages, new emails, news and of course fashion updates. One of my favorite fashion update sites is Resultly; this site keeps me on track with the season’s latest trends, on going trends and upcoming trends. It’s like having the latest trend report in just one place and one click.

One of the featured trend patterns this season is a stripe, they are seen being printed on long sleeve and short sleeves polo shirts for men or women, formal dresses, body hugging dresses, party dresses, shirts, sleeveless shirts, leggings, shorts and bags. They are also being used on home decors like bed sheets, pillow covers and other home decors. Here’s a search for stripes on Resultly.

striped sweater striped dress striped shirt

I always love looking classic, simple, elegant, timeless and business-like not too loud nor too sexy or revealing. Imagine Chanel, Katie Holmes, Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton, I think we all get the idea. The way we dress is more conservative, natural compare to other edgier, funk, androgynous and high fashion fashionistas . Closet is composed of neutral colors such as black, gray, navy blue and beige. Most patterns are clean, natural and pleasing to look at the closet. Favorable silhouettes at most consist with soft draping, fabrics as well as tops, jackets and dresses emphasizing more the waist.

It’s also simple accessorizing it, with either rayban or over sized sunglasses, blazers in different solid colors and patterns are also a must. For shoes it can be paired with knee high riding boots, ballet flats, vans or sandals. Classic and simple necklace and bracelet and earrings are good.

When you ask my friends I can almost be always send wearing dresses during the work-week and most especially on weekends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate wearing pants or jeans, I do wear them, but I find it more comfortable moving freely around with dresses. It feels so light, breezy and limitless in terms of doing what I want plus it’s so easy to wear. Though I’m not the one who would wear a too tight body hugging dress from top to bottom, I preferably like A line dresses or maxi dresses as it sits my body shape well!

Luckily, all fashion brands and I really mean ALL – (you can never find a women’s fashion brand with no available dresses) dress is a must for every girl’s closet! Here are some of my favorite stripes dress from Forever21 and Old Navy.

striped dress

Animal Instinct

Rawr! Go get em tiger. Yes, that was a horrible pun. Animal prints are so hot right now that I just had to make that joke. Let your inner wild child out and express your self with this season’s hottest trend. It is time to show off your animal instinct and wear these fun prints. The best thing about animal print is that it can act as a neutral.  So go ahead and bust out those leopard booties or zebra purse. Check out some of my favorite animal print items below!

Leopard booties

leopard booties

Lets all take some time to appreciate the leopard booties! This is a such a fun way to wear leopard print because it won’t overwhelm your entire outfit. You can rock leopard booties with skinny jeans or a skirt. These are must haves for any fashion forward woman who loves making a statement. Seriously, this is such a fun trend to rock. I found a ton of leopard booties from hundreds of stores on the Resulty app. The search was amazing. There are so many choices that I can’t decide which one I want to buy. Check all of my leopard booties options out here. Please help!

Zebra Skirt

zebra skirt

How spot on is this zebra skirt? The print is perfect and it is so versatile. You can totally wear it to the office with a tucked in shirt and blazer. You can also sex it up with a cute crop top. For a more casual look you can add a denim jacket like the model in the picture. This zebra skirt is from Express. Click here to see it on their site.  I just love that there are so many different ways you can wear this adorable zebra skirt. I’m loving the red shoe and causal shirt in the picture above.

Tiger Sweater

tiger sweater

How cute is this tiger sweater? I’m loving the actual tiger faces, super cute. You can totally rock this with jeans or a skirt. This tiger sweater is from Nordstrom. Click here to see it on their site. I’m just loving the black and white feel to this. If you are going to rock tiger print, this is how you do it. For real this is it. This tiger sweater would look super cute paired with items that have some pops of color like pink, green, or red.

Let your inner wild child out with animal print! From leopard booties to zebra skirts, and tiger sweaters you can totally rock this trend.

Dakota Fanning and Denim

Megan Fox, Olivia Palermo, Rachel Mc Adams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne – those are some of the actresses and models that I love. But now there is an addition to my favorite celebrities, well she is younger than most of the actress on my list and younger than me! But this girl is really worth following for! I first noticed Dakota Fanning in The Twilight Saga, of course it was the twilight fever beaver! When I first saw her play the role in the movie, I told myself Oh wow! I love this girl! Her look is so fierce, her eyes are very expressive, and her complexion is so radiant the role really suits her!

Since then I search who this girl was and I began following her, her styles, news about her. When she is younger she has also played movies like Man of Fire, War of the worlds, Charlotte’s web. Then as she grew gracefully, she began playing adult roles such as Hounddog, The Secret Life of Bees, Coraline, The motel life and of course the most famous The Twilight Saga! Love Dakota Fanning! Who wouldn’t love her? She is so pretty, so sophisticated and so stylish! Her style is very timeless! It’s like when you see her you are very mesmerized by her beauty and how she carries her clothes! Though she is only 23 years old, people between 18-26 years of age can get style tips from here. Here are some of my favorite fashion street wear shots of Dakota Fanning.

Dakota Fanning dakota fanning

And I really loved how she wore that denim jumpsuit!!! And since summer is almost at our doorstep now, one trendy thing that I would want to wear are those jumpsuits! Yes, I know it has been trending since last summer but what can I do? It is till trending now right! And it looks so fashionable so I wouldn’t want to miss this summer gain without wearing one of those! I found Resultly, a great place to look for them from all fashion brands! I can compare each style, each color and each silhouette.

denim jumpsuit jumpsuit

High-end designers and Fashion brands have been producing and styling their own version of jumpsuits. You can always pair them with heels, flats, vans and top it with a sweater or jacket. Spice it up by adding a statement necklace, bracelet, ring or bag and you’ll notice that you will be one of the trendiest and chic person on the place.

Plaid pants three ways

Plaid pants! Yes, I have never been more serious. You can totally rock this trend and I am here to tell you how! Plaid pants are an absolute must this season. From punk to prep this trend is must and you need to get in on it! So yes to plaid. No material is as popular or as multipurpose.

Before we embark on this style journy I’m going to show you my favorite place to shop! I did a plaid search on this fun shopping app and site Resultly and I was given a ton of plaid pant options from hundreds of stores. No joke, this Resultly is the legit. Check out my plaid pants search here. So many cute choices. Now that you know where to buy plaid pants, lets talk style!

Preppy Plaid

plaid pants

How chic and preppy? I found this put together look via Click here to see more of their fun plaid outfits. I’m really digging these high-waisted plaid pants. SO chic with that cropped length. The white blouse with that black bow tie is spot on preppy style. I’m loving all the combo of colors in this look. Seriously, just so on trend. This is the perfect out fit for the young professional. Also lets talk about that fuzzy bag! On point!

Pink Plaid

plaid pants

For a more edgy twist on this trend, try a tight fitted pair of plaid pants. Tumblr is a great place to find outfit inspiration, which is where I found this cool style. Loving the rips in the pants. The black lace crop top will for sure give you a feminine punk touch. The denim jacket is also super cute and really adds to that punk vibe of the entire look. I like to call this put together punk. This style is great for the weekend or a chill night out. Gosh, I’m just loving everything about it :)

Work Plaid

plaid pants

Get office ready with a pair of wide leg plaid pants! This is such a flattering trend. Tuck in a tight fitting shirt for a super chic style. You can also rock an oversized sweater for a more slouchy vibe. This look totally has a vintage 70s feel and I’m loving that. How cute! Just super perfect.

Aren’t plaid pants just great guys! Did I totally convince of that in this sweet blog post! I’m sure I did since I’m so good at this. So Like yeah I like fashion and stuff so keep on keeping on.